Branding your new business in 2019: The Importance of Print

So this is the year when you want to turn the owning your own business dream into reality. Being your own boss is great but starting a new business is tough.

The identity you create for your new venture and how you market your products is going to play a massive part in whether the business succeeds. Getting your image right early on is critical; investment in good design and print at the beginning will pay dividends in the future. It may be hard to budget for early on when you’ve got a lot of other outgoings to get things off the ground, but I strongly recommend it forms an important part of your planning.

Where do I start with printed materials for my new brand?

You’ll need to think about a lot of brand-related aspects, such as creating a strong logo, colour scheme, and picking the right font set to compliment this new identity.

With all of this to focus on, it can be easy to forget about print, but it should be firmly on your to-do list. Think about the key stationery you’ll need to promote your business like business cards, a brochure, letterheads, document folders etc. – they all need to tie seamlessly into your brand identity too.

Does it matter which paper I print my promotional materials on?

In short – yes. There’re lots of choices available when it comes to paper type and finishing options and this matters more than you may initially think.

Make use of a printer that will help guide you through the options so that you’re communicating the right messages about your brand when you hand someone a business card or brochure.

Quick tip: try to avoid silk paper. It maybe the cheapest option but it’s ubiquitous and characterless.

Make sure you use a designer and printer that takes the time to get to know you and your business; what you’re selling; what your values are; and what’s your unique selling point is (often referred to as USP). The design and print are intrinsically linked – great design on the right paper will go along way to impressing potential customers and getting them on board.

Designing the promotional materials for your business

When it comes to design, it may be tempting to think you can stretch your budget by using something like an online logo design service or doing it yourself. Be cautious though, this is more likely to end up being a miss than a hit. Remember, it’s an investment; a good logo will last you decades!

Quick tip: When you’re employing other businesses to provide brand-related services, whether it’s a designer, web developer or printer; look at how they brand and market their own business. Do they have an identity that you like and take care of it by keeping things fresh and current? Basically, if a company doesn’t take care of their own brand, why trust them with yours? I see far too many web developers with poor websites and printers with no printed marketing material. It’s bread and butter for them, so why aren’t they doing it?

If starting your own business becomes a reality in 2019, then well done for giving it a go and I wish you every success!

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Tom Burnham is the Managing Director of Cerberus Printing, taking over the family business from his father Clive in 2017. Tom grew up in Cumbria and has a passion for the county, it’s culture and championing Cumbrian business. He lives in the Dales town of Sedbergh with his wife, Laura and son, Alexis.

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