How to create a calendar that’ll get noticed and generate revenue

Printed calendars are incredibly popular and offer an excellent opportunity to promote your work all year round whilst providing a valuable revenue stream for your business – we see many customers achieve a mark-up of around 200% on their calendars! At Cerberus, we’ve designed and printed many high-quality calendars over the years that are always really well received. We know what works, so follow our top tips below to create a wonderful calendar that your customers will love, and start maximising your profits!

Start early
If someone sees a calendar that appeals to them and they like the images, they’ll buy it at any time of year, so don’t wait until September or October to start your calendar if you can avoid it – it’s already too close to Christmas so your profits will be limited. Instead, Summer is a great time to release your calendars for sale. If you’re not sure how many to have printed, the extra time will give you options. You can take an initial batch to test the water; if they sell well, you can order a reprint so you have more in stock for the run up to Christmas.

Keep it simple and focus on your images
Don’t make the functional part of the calendar busy and distracting. It’ll divert the attention away from the showpiece – your images! We suggest limiting the use of colour and keeping the design of your calendars clean and uncluttered.

Make it bespoke to you
If you create an ‘on brand’ calendar that suits your style, it’ll resonate with your customers and provide a framework and consistency for the future, meaning people will be more likely to return to buy your calendar, year after year. Here at Cerberus we have a range of uncluttered templates which we can customise with your logo, web address and social media icons and handles. This means you can have a professionally designed calendar without the high design costs, and you’ll never be far from your customers’ thoughts.

Quality counts
The increase in digital technology means that people seek quality when purchasing printed products. Using quality card for your calendars creates a premium look that your customers are sure to notice. The extra investment in materials will pay off due to the higher selling price you can achieve for a quality calendar.

If you’re interested in producing a calendar this year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team will be happy to talk you through the different options, break down the costs and answer any questions you may have.

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